Creating Convergence is a multidisciplinary cultural platform devoted to the promotion and positioning of Spain in the US. Our goal is to increase the visibility of  contemporary Spanish culture, and to strengthen bilateral creative, artistic and academic exchanges, through the interaction of organizations, agents, and cultural and creative industries from both Spain and the US.

In 2011, CC´s program highlights three cultural fields – visual art, panels and film – and features three projects: Eléctrica, Crea+ S and (s) movies. Eléctrica is a series of exhibitions inspired by the way energy is generated. The first show, Eléctrica IC-11 spotlights contemporary artwork produced through collaboration with artists and other cultural producers; Crea +S is an initiative focusing on the study, analysis and experience of the relationship between cultural management and creation; its program is diverse, including conferences, discussions and workshops. (s) movies is a project devoted to the moving image and the different filming formats used today. Comprised of a series of screenings, panels and webinars,(s) movies will share Spain´s most current independent film and video with the New York audience.

Designed by: MASmedios NYC.